See what’s new in Tableau 2021.1

Tableau 2021.1

The first version released by Tableau this year is here! Tableau 2020.1 brings users new features designed to help us explore and make decisions based on accurate data, in a faster way. With the acquisition of Tableau by Salesforce, users from all over the world have been looking forward to the integrations and new features that will bring the two great products even closer.

Salesforce is the number 1 CRM solution in the world designed to digitalize and streamline business processes, whether we are talking about sales, marketing, service, ecommerce, and even financial area. It was more than obvious that some of the capabilities of the two products will be integrated in one form or another in both CRM solutions and Tableau products. Thus, Salesforce announced last year the launch of Tableau CRM, a product designed to analyze data stored in Salesforce products. This year, however, Tableau 2021.1 version brings a new feature based on Salesforce machine learning capabilities, namely Einstein Discovery. But although Tableau and Salesforce are now one company, the features released in Tableau versions are not just related to Salesforce products.

Get quick LODs, a unified notification experience, Einstein Discovery, and more in Tableau 2021.1

Einstein Discovery is actually the first native integration with Salesforce. Einstein Analytics (Salesforce) and Einstein Discovery (Tableau) are two capabilities developed in both platforms based on machine learning. Einstein Discovery in Tableau provides predictions and recommendations using artificial intelligence and historical data to improve decision-making. Thus, Tableau users now can build predictive models without writing code. Einstein Discovery also helps users make informed decisions, considering data-based predictions and future events.

Let’s take a closer look on where and how we can use Einstein Discovery:

Tableau 2021.1 Einstein Discovery

− Einstein dashboard extension: Tableau users can use Einstein Discovery in their dashboards with access to instant predictions, based on machine learning. Einstein Discovery identifies patterns in historical data and builds predictions into our workflows within a dashboard, taking these into account. Users have immediate access to dynamic predictions and forecasts of future activities. 

− Bulk scoring in Prep Builder: Another key capability of Einstein Discovery feature is its use in Tableau Prep. Users have here the ability to access predictions based on machine learning exactly where they clean and model data sources.

− Einstein in Tableau Calcs: Users will now be able to add predictions in their calculated fields. This feature is now available in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, but will soon be available in Tableau Online as well. Every visualization built in Tableau will become even more interactive by adding dynamic predictions in our calculated fields.

Quick LODs:

Adding a level of detail to our Tableau views is now easier than ever. Using drag and drop method, users can add a measure onto a dimension, and Tableau will automatically create a level-of-detail expression with the default aggregation.

Unified notification experience:

Tableau 2021.1 also received a new design in the notification area. Thus, in Tableau Server and Tableau Online, users will be able to manage all notifications they receive more easily, regardless of whether we are talking about shares, comments, extracts and data preparation flows. All notifications are now centralized in a single area, and users can choose how and where they receive them: email, directly in Tableau or both.

In-product Extension Gallery:

Similar to the experience now offered by unifying the places where we have access to notifications in Tableau Server and Tableau Online, Tableau 2021.1 brings a new feature that centralize connectors and extensions. They are now centralized in one place and can be discovered with a single click. Here users can search, filter, and complete the installation of extensions without leaving the workflow in Tableau.

This year’s first version of Tableau brings new features that improve our work experience with Tableau products. Tableau 2021.1 version helps users by giving them an easy experience when building analysis or exploring data. In the next period we will announce our first webinar of this year dedicated the latest Tableau features. Keep an eye on our events section!

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