Tableau Cinema 2022


On May 25, 2022, we organized together with our partners from Tableau Software the biggest #DATA event of the year in Romania, Tableau Cinema 2022.

It was dedicated to all data passionates in Bucharest and not only, and it took place at Baneasa Cineplexx. 4 hours of hot data topics, latest data trends, Tableau’s powerful analytics, networking, and LIVE visualisations!

Amazing speakers and data leaders from Romania’s greatest companies were present at the event and shared their successful business stories: eMAG, Freshful by eMAG, RomanianDATA Tribe, Superbet & Impetum Group.

Here is our ”take away” video of the event:

We had next to us:

→ Laurențiu Matei, Business Intelligence Director @eMAG

→ Renato Gavrilă, Tableau Community Leader @eMAG

Renato Gavrila

→ Marius Costin, Data & Analytics Team Lead @Freshful by eMAG

Marius Costin

→ Sergiu Rotaru & Claudiu Ionuț Anghelescu, Co-Leaders @RomanianDATA Tribe


→ Andrei Popa, Director of Business Intelligence @Superbet

Andrei Popa

→ Anna Rossudowska, Tableau Leader @Superbet

Anna Rossudowska

→ Marius Răducanu, Head of Digital @Impetum Group 

Marius Raducanu

Alexandru Savencu – Managing Partner @btProvider, Alex Stăncescu – Delivery Manager, and Mara Cîșlariu – Team Leader were the event’s hosts, and they presented btProvider’s story, activity, who are our business partners, the business intelligence ecosystem, and the way we daily engage with the #data community everywhere.

The concept of the event was built around interactivity and working with data, and we engaged our audience with interesting dashboards customized for Tableau Cinema 2022.

Alex Stancescu & Mara Cislariu


The first one was an analysis of the level of Data Literacy in Romania.

Who Participated in the Survey? We had 91 respondents, most of them had working experience as well as relevant data experience, they mostly came from digital industries such as Technology, Gaming, Telco, e-Commerce, Consulting, etc. Check the dashboard to see all the results:



Also, we analysed during the event which would be the best beaches in Europe for the Summer of 2022, by location, water quality, or average costs. Here is what we discovered:



Our audience was very enthusiastic about all the valuable information they took home from the event. They also were engaged in 2 contests via Kahoot, where the winners received gifts directly from Tableau USA.


Here are some conclusions from Tableau Cinema 2022 in terms of knowledge, data and local trends for 2022:

→ The principles of a successful data strategy are: availability, consistency, scalability, standardization & security

DATA is everywhere, data makes us strong & smarter, data is beautiful and is already changing everything

Tableau Software is a very useful Data Analytics tool for various industries that helps in creating and delivering dashboards with data analysis in real-time for businesses to make decisions faster, wiser and according to customer’s actions and reactions

Dashboards created with Tableau are simple, concise and deliver truths about projects, markets or consumers, all helping businesses maintain transparency between processes

What makes a company Data Driven? When it focuses on data, data analytics and its data heroes, when is open to change and initiatives and keeps the community alive

→ The only constant we have today is Data, and Data is changing all the time

The btProvider Team says hello, can’t wait to see you next time, and don’t forget, #data can be your SuperPower too!