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Business Intelligence

We setup end-to-end BI solutions starting with data collection from (using Talend), to storing the data in a historical reporting data warehouse (using Vertica - Big Data) to visualizing and discovering the data (using Tableau Software - bi and data analytics).

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Data Visualization & Analytics

btProvider enables companies to transition to a data-driven culture of decision making. To that end, our company offers data discovery, data mining methods to understand raw data, descriptive and predictive analytics, to better understand future behavior.

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Big Data

We enable companies to unlock their dark data. High Velocity, Volume and Variety. Most of the organizations spent the last 20 years in implementing systems that collects tones of data. It's time to capitalize on it. Use Verticafor data warehouses and big data.

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Tableau Software Outsourcing

At btProvider we build world-class visualizations that gives actionable insights to top executives. Our data visualization consultants are working in a part-time or full-time manner directly with business users and top executives in order to find and address the weaknesses of the organization.

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We extract and report all the information you need, from any system in order to have real-time data analysis. The products for which we provide implementation services integrates with various platforms or systems that collect and record data.

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