Check now the latest version of Tableau 2021.2

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Improvements and more data interaction

Summer comes with a fresh, new version of Tableau, 2021.2, and we just can’t wait to discover, test it and implement it. It brings the opportunity for both technical and non-technical users to seek answers in their data with more confidence. Tableau has recently reimagined the Ask Data and Explain Data experience and all Creators, Explorers and Viewers can access it fully now.

Which are the new features of Tableau 2021.2?

Improved experience with Ask Data and Explain Data

− Collections – a new way of bringing your data together in one place

New Integration tab to easily connect to Salesforce and to analyse data in Sales and Service Cloud

Connected Desktop for web authoring to improve your workflows

Now, let’s discover in-depth more information about each novelty:

Ask Data, now available for viewers

Tableau specialists have worked to improve the capacity of asking questions through new language possibilities. They introduced a redesigned language experience for business users. What we observed very useful for our users is the fact that Ask Data is available now in the Dashboard. 

This feature will enable more interaction and easier data visualization. Also, Entity Search, a new search experience helps us to gain more control over information interpretation. Lenses in Ask Data were created to curate the data sources – hiding fields, custom vizzes, synonyms. 


 Explain Data

A new user interface is available for extended exploration through Explain Data. This interface is available for a broader audience, including viewers, who should enable the access. The access information is available in workbooks, dashboards or asking the btProvider consultants. 




Now we have a better way to organize and find the data. Collections can spot information from different workbooks and projects, allow sharing various content and display different dashboards based on your interests.


Integration Tab enabled for Salesforce

As you have already noticed Tableau Online and Salesforce are already connected, but now this is more visible via the “Connect to Salesforce Data” button. 


What is also nice and important is that we can connect now to Tableau Online using the Salesforce login credentials – very quick and secure authentication. 


Connected Desktop for Web Authoring

With the new version, we will have more flexibility with moving from Tableau Desktop to web authoring with a single click. You can start your workflows using web authoring, then make the transition to Desktop directly when you desire and save your work to Tableau Online or Server. 


Map Layer Control and Area Spatial Calculation

This new feature will ease the user’s experience, being perfectly suitable for worksheets that contain maps. Users will have more visibility while controlling the marks layers without editing the workbook. Also, it is the best tool for customizing the map by location – country, city.




Related to the Area Spacial Calculation we can calculate the square area of a space from a specific part of the map. Another feature is to calculate population density and ask location-based questions. 

What we consider also important is the Create Show/Hide buttons for any dashboard object, a very useful feature for design. This means that now we can generate them for any dashboard object, floating or tiled instead of only floating layout containers. 


We would like to mention, also, the fact that now Tableau Server can run on Linux in a single container for easier deployments and more cost-effective ones. 

Discover all the FEATURES in detail here. You can make the upgrades by yourself, but we recommend receiving advice and support from our team of consultants, in case that we need to react if errors occur and communicate directly with our partners from Tableau.  

For support in your data analytics process or for other additional information, feel free to contact us.