Yet APP software is the meeting management solution that manages all Action Items, Informational and Decision Items agreed and distributed between attendees during the meeting.
The solution aims to increase the responsibility across organization members and track the items that most of the time get lost in the emails, spreadsheets and phone calls.

Yet APP Key Elements

Meeting Items

Tracks Action Items, Decisions and Information Items. Tracks Item Status. Responsible and Due Date. Item Description. Chat Collaboration. Dashboard


Email Notification to Attendees. Export to PDF. Link to Projects. Yet APP Dashboard. Attendees users created on the spot Participants and distribution list.


Multiple Meetings per Projects. Dashboard. Integration with HPE Project and Portfolio Management. Meetings can be linked to Projects Integration with HPE Project and Portfolio Management. Meetings and Meeting Items published in Project Manager's Dashboard.

YetApp helps you manage the Minutes of Meetings in a formalized and responsible way.

Key decisions within organizations are taken in Meetings. Start capitalizing on it.

Most of the meeting participants loose track of almost 60% of meeting items after the first week and more than 90% after the second week.

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Still using MS Word
and MS Excel ?

Most of the enterprise organizations struggle to capitalize on decisions taken in meetings. Usually, they are lost in emails, MS Word/Excel files and they usually forget them from one session to another. YetApp software makes participants responsible for their action items.

Working with external parties ?

Their users will be created on the spot and there is no need for a licenses in this case.


Download Data Sheets, White Papers, Reports.


Download PDF

System Functionalities

Minutes of Meetings is still managed on paper, traditional MS Excel, MS Word and Email in more than 95%* of the enterprise organizations.

4.9%* found a workaround.

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