Write-Back is the best tool to submit data directly from a Tableau dashboard

Make more with Tableau

Write-Back was developed for all types of companies that use Tableau and need to submit input data directly from Tableau dashboards to databases. This way, the extension allows data sharing immediately, and unlocks the power of data instantly.

Intuitive UI

Write-Back helps you add new data to your database or backend repository from a dashboard, all taking place on your infrastructure and with an audit mechanism.

Secure data

No SQL coding is needed when using Write-Back because due to its intuitive UI, you can configure new cases and easily add new elements to a Tableau dashboard.

Write-Back is the best tool to submit data directly from a Tableau dashboard

Why Write-Back?

If your business process requires input or feedback for:

Budgeting & Forecasting
Root Cause Analysis
Commenting & Annotating
Any Actionable Process

Then you will need a tool which can write data from Tableau.

Security and Architecture

How does Write-Back work, and how does it impact the security of a company?

Find out more about Write-Back’s architecture and how you could have full control of your data and who has access to your databases and dashboards.

RCA - Use Case

Tableau can help you identify outliers when doing a Root Case Analysis, but some causes might be external, without relevant data.

With Write-Back users can provide their input and put any outliers into context, and creators can freely configure multiple fields and capture user feedback.

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