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Write-Back is the best tool to submit data directly from a Tableau dashboard

Why Write-Back?

Having more than one thing in common, it’s time to go beyond insights! Both btProvider and Write-Back work with Tableau, but from different perspectives.

btProvider helps companies to see and understand their data by offering certifications for all of Tableau’s products, services for the data analytics processes, and data visualisation expertise, while Write-Back is the best tool to submit data directly from Tableau’s dashboards.

Write-Back functionalities allow companies to organize and visualize data, open users to new information and bring solutions for eliminating the need to export reports from Tableau to Excel.

Write-Back is a high-grade Tableau extension, allowing users to input data whenever they want, without the need to use another tool or even get off the Tableau flow. That is why we recommend to all companies who implement Tableau, to use Write-Back as an extension for commenting in Tableau, forecasting, managing reference data, mark annotation, replacing values, and root cause analysis.


With Write-Back users can make comments directly from the Tableau dashboards, and associate them with any filters selected.


With manual forecasting from Tableau dashboards, users easily can create new fields associated with metrics and input data in them.

Managing Reference Data

Start referencing data from the Tableau dashboards, add and edit new entries or even remove them without leaving the data analytics platform.

Mark Annotation

Associate information with marks, specify types of fields, display them anywhere and store them in your database.

Root Cause Analysis

Creators configure multiple fields, receive feedback, and integrate them into visualisations while remaining in their flow.

Replacing Values

Tableau doesn't offer the possibility to replace values, but Write-Back helps you with this while keeping you in the flow.

#DATA is our SuperPower!

Write-Back helps you make more with Tableau

Intuitive UI

Write-Back helps you add new data to your database or backend repository from a dashboard, all taking place on your infrastructure and with an audit mechanism.

Secure Data

No SQL coding is needed because due to its intuitive UI, you can configure new cases ad easily add new elements to a Tableau dashboard.

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