Vertica software is designed for use in data warehouses and other big data workloads where speed, scalability, simplicity, and openness are crucial to the success of analytics.


Vertica is a powerful tool for big data management and collection, in a single data warehouse. Vertica offers a single platform with the role of applying analytical tasks and obtaining predictive information about our organizations, using data.

Vertica in the Clouds

Vertica enable you to transition your data analytical workloads to the cloud to on premise and back seamlessly. Vertica offers the most advanced and fast big data analytics platform with machine learning functions, to simplify the operational process of data collection, storage, and management. Vertica data warehouse is optimized to run in AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, or Google Cloud Launcher.

Vertica On Premise

Even if you want your data to be stored on premise, Vertica gives you the speed to query and upload data in order to obtain the most advanced analysis and information about your organization. Vertica is a data warehouse platform which eliminates the time allocated to its physical design or for identifying performance problems. Vertica database is optimized for storing and analyzing large volumes of data.

Vertica on Hadoop

Run the industry’s most comprehensive Vertica SQL analytics engine directly on your Hadoop cluster and tap into advanced SQL on Hadoop capabilities, complete 100 percent of the TPC-DS queries without modification, achieve greater concurrency, and run on any Hadoop distribution.

Vertica Enterprise

The core “shared nothing,” distributed analytical database designed to work on clusters of cost-effective, off-the-shelf servers in your data center with unparalleled performance and extreme scale. Start your big data analytics journey

Vertica for Big Data Analytics, Data Warehouse and Data Storage

• A single modern and high-performance platform for collecting and managing large volumes of data
• Analytical and machine learning functions for a faster data exploration, analysis and scaling

Unlock Business Insights with Blazingly Fast Performance

Manage and analyze massive volumes of structured and semi-structured data quickly and reliably.

Big Data Analytics
Key Items

- A massively parallel approach to Big Data that makes the best use of all your nodes to deliver analytics
- Faster data loads and higher concurrency lets you serve analytics to more users with more data
- Flexibility and scalability to easily add a node and ramp up when workloads increase
- Columnar storage, so that your queries access only the data they need to answer the query

Vertica IoT Analytics

Internet of Things is the new concept that has been talked about more and more lately. Millions of connected devices that generate huge volumes of data will become in the next period the new business model of large organizations. Vertica IoT Analytics offers a platform for storing and analyzing data from 10 times to 50 times faster to highlight valuable information in the organization. Vertica IoT Analytics is a structured analytical database, without limitations in terms of storage data volumes.

Data Warehouse

Today, organizations around the world collect and manage large volumes of data from many sources, whether we are talking about ERP, CRM, financial data, marketing data or customer data. Vertica is an advanced data storage platform that allows users to collect valuable information by storing data in smaller spaces, at lower cost. Vertica facilitates the work of organizations in terms of data management, regardless of their complexity and volumes. Vertica technology allows users to quickly identify answers or information from their data up to 50 times faster than classic data warehouses.

Data Warehouse, Big Data Analytics, Data Storage
Big Data Analytics, Data Warehouse, Data Storage

Machine Learning

Vertica is a big data analytics platform with machine learning functions used for storing and analyzing large volumes of data. Vertica technology automates and provides accuracy in the process of data collection and filtering, optimization, and formation of algorithms. Data preparation and processing, together with the geospatial functions are used to analyze data by location and allow users to quickly obtain all the results and information about their organization.

Vertica Eon Mode

Vertica Eon Mode is the most efficient database from Vertica product suite, with which users manage the data warehouse, optimize data calculations, and reduce the workload allocated to data management and analysis. Eon Mode separates storage calculations and allows users to quickly add the necessary resources considering their workflows. Thus, Vertica data warehouse includes variable and differentiated workflows depending on the workload of the organization in a certain period.

Top player in the Big Data Analytics market

Vertica is one of the top players in the Big Data Analytics and Data Warehouse solutions market. Thus, Vertica products and solutions are among the most advanced technologies in all four data warehouse use cases in “Gartner Critical Capabilities for Data Management Solutions for Analytics” report.

GigaOm Radar Report for Evaluating Data Warehouse Platforms

Vertica was also included in GigaOm report, a company that evaluates the latest technologies and solutions, for performance of loading and querying massive volumes of data, for advanced analysis and machine learning algorithms in databases and for a flexible implementation process in this industry.

Top Cloud Data Warehouse Solution

Vertica has also been designated the number one solution for cloud data warehouse, by IT Central Station, one of the most important technology review websites.


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Vertica in Eon Mode

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