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In the data analytics process we start from the business questions and then we drill down to data. What do you really want to find out for your business?

We, at btProvider

Talk about data, from collecting, transmitting, storing and displaying them in different forms of dashboards, analyzes, graphs or reports. As we all know, we are living in a “Big Data” era, where all our actions or activities generates data. Companies want to know everything about our preferences and our habits, about what we expect from different products or about the things that can make our life easier.

In order to discover and understand all the data about our target audience, we first need tools to collect data. New technologies provide for the analysts the tools needed to optimize and automate the data collection process, as quick as possible, from different sources, online or offline.

Talend is one of the leading companies in the field of data collection tools and offers to the user the possibility to collect, transmit and integrate the data in a single database or in various data analysis platforms. The technologies of Talend products represent the communication and transmission funnel of data, in real time, in a fast and secure way so that the end user has access to precise and trustworthy data.

In a world of speed in which aspects of our lives are constantly changing, btProvider offers consulting services and implementation of Tableau Software products. btProvider has become the only Gold Talend Partner in Romania, and together we offer data collection services in any format, from any source (cloud, local or hybrid).

Talend has +3500 clients from different activity areas like financial services, retail, telecommunication, healthcare or government. Talend is one of the biggest vendors in the world who provides complete data collection services and data management solutions, together with an innovative package of features designed to complement a fast moving ecosystem.

As a Gold Partner, btProvider is deeply involved in commercial activities such as trainings, deployments on premise, cloud or hybrid, implementations, outsourcing services, and non-commercial activities such as: webinars and public events.

Company information
Talend Inc, FR 44 48 41 75 252
Redwood City, CA 94065 United States

With Talend technology

we collect, manage and transform the data of our clients from different sources, into precise and clean data ready to be imported in Tableau. With Talend’s technology we deliver fast and real-time data that companies need to improve their business activities. btProvider has a long history in collecting and transforming data using Talend products.

Why to choose Talend:

Talend's technology runs several raw data formatting processes, data correction actions and combining them for the user to take a correct decision. With a single software solution you collect data from all sources online or offline, in any format. You have the benefit of data integration into designated data analysis viewer applications.

We are working

with most of the business users’ roles within organizations: CXO office, finance, marketing, sales, accounting, human resources, logistics, commercials, research, support.

At btProvider, we are passionate about data.

Talend, a leader in cloud data integration and data integrity, enables companies to transform by delivering trusted data at the speed of business.


Cloud data sources. On Premise data sources. Hybrid data sources.

Talend Collect and Transform

Talend Data Fabric offers a single suite of apps to help enterprises collect, govern, transform and share data, enabling users to shorten the time to trusted data.


Over 3,500 organizations across the globe choose Talend to rely on trusted data to make business decisions with confidence. More than one-third of the Fortune 100 U.S. companies are Talend customers including GE, HP Inc., and Domino’s. Talend has been recognized as a leader in its field by leading analyst firms and industry publications including Forbes, InfoWorld and SD Times.


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