Data Analytics Outsourcing Services with Tableau Software

In the data analytics process we start from the business questions and then we drill down to data. What do you really want to find out for your business?

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We build world-class visualizations that give actionable insights to top executives. Our data visualization specialists work directly with business users and top executives to find and address the fragile points of the organization and capitalize on its strengths.

We enable companies to become more profitable, save costs, become more competitive and innovative, empowering business users with valuable information and insights. We provide ongoing analytics services with Tableau Software - the most powerful data analytics and visualisation platform.

We work at different levels starting with strategic planning, data engineering and preparation, dashboard design and implementation, data security assessment and setup, support, standard and custom training, ongoing analytics services.

Our data analytics outsourcing office is in Romania, Bucharest, one of the top IT Hubs in Europe with highly educated professionals.

We transform

Businesses in Banking, Telecom, Pharma, Oil & Gas, IT, Retail, Financial, FMCG, Manufacturing, Government, Research, Gaming, Betting, Tourism, HoReCa.

We work

With most departments in a company: IT, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Human Resources, Logistics, Commercial, Research, Support.

Our passion for data daily boosts businesses through best-in-class technologies and gold standard data visualisation.

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Download Data Sheets, White Papers and Reports.

Tableau vs Traditional BI

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Preventing Fraud

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Finance Reporting

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Sales Analytics

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Smart Analytics

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Constellation Research is a Silicon Valley-based technology research and advisory firm specializing in digital ...

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We are a European company with extensive experience in Europe and the Middle East across different industries in data visualization, analysis and statistics.

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