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In the data analytics process we start from the business questions and then we drill down to data. What do you really want to find out for your business?

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We, at btProvider

At btProvider we build world-class visualizations that gives actionable insights to top executives. Our data visualization consultants are working in a part-time or full-time manner directly with business users and top executives in order to find and address the weaknesses of the organization, to find and capitalize on the strengths of the organization, in order to enable the company to earn more money or save costs, become more competitive and innovative, to empower the business users with more valuable information that they couldn’t access before, to become more data driven.

Ongoing analytics services with Tableau Software – most of the insights cannot be found in static and guided analytics real-time and period reports. You always need to stay tuned, drill down, analyze, correlate and consolidate multiple source of data, ask questions about data, find answers and ask new questions based on the answers you receive. That’s why our data analysts start from the business question and they drill down to data through visualization methods. This is an ongoing process.

We are working at different levels starting with strategic planning, data engineering and preparation, dashboard design and implementation, data security assessment and setup, support, standard and custom training, ongoing analytics services.

We are addressing all levels of analytics services: descriptive - we look at historical data to reveal useful information,predicative - we analyze current and historical data to make predictions about future,prescriptive - we build solutions that suggests decision options to take advantage of the results of descriptive and predictive analytics.

Most of the companies nowadays are working in a descriptive analytical mood, whereas the competitive advantage comes from predictive and prescriptive.

We are addressing all four main categories of business users consuming data: Viewers users that reads static reports, pdf files,
guided analytics user - uses filters, drill-down options in order to reach the data he is interested in, Self-service analytics users - creates visualizations on his own, creates formulas and fields, data scientist - you just send them the data and they will come back with their own conclusions

Our data analytics outsourcing office is located Romania, Bucharest, one of the top IT Hubs in Europe with high educated professionals.

We transformed

businesses in most of the industries: banking, telecom, pharma, oil & gas, IT, retail, financial services industry, fast-moving consumer goods, manufacturing, government, marketing, research, gaming, betting, tourism, quick services restaurants.

We are doing

data analytics for top 3 companies in the world in their industry domain and we do data analytics for government institutions in top 3 GDP per capita countries in the world.

We are working

with most of the business users’ roles within organizations: CXO office, finance, marketing, sales, accounting, human resources, logistics, commercials, research, support.

At btProvider, we are passionate about data.


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We are a European company with extensive experience in Europe and Middle East across different industries in data visualization, analysis and statistics.

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