Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse offer businesses enhanced capabilities for making informed decisions swiftly and effectively through trusted generative AI and Analytics.

Tableau AI is here

Tableau AI

Tableau AI represents the evolution of Tableau, introducing a suite of functionalities aimed at incorporating reliable generative AI across the entire Tableau Platform.

AI is the answer, with 80% of senior IT leaders saying generative AI can help their organization make better use of data.

Tableau Pulse

Driven by Tableau AI, Tableau Pulse represents a revamped data experience tailored for business users, aiming to empower every staff member with intelligent, customized, and contextually relevant insights seamlessly integrated into their workflow.

Tableau Basic Products

Tableau Creator: $75 user/month | billed annually | minimum 1 Creator

Tableau Explorer: $42 user/month | billed annually

Tableau Viewer: $15 user/month | billed annually

Why Tableau Pulse?

IT leaders invest in Tableau to democratize data access throughout their organizations. However, they often encounter challenges in fostering data-driven cultures and integrating dashboards into operational processes.

Tableau Pulse is different and shifts from dashboards and offers personalized insights delivered where those business leaders want them, when they want them, and in a way that makes it easy to build a data-driven culture for their entire team.

How does Tableau Pulse work?

Tableau Pulse harnesses the power of generative AI to present insights in both natural language and visual representations, facilitating the discovery of critical metrics, and insights, and contextualizing data within real-world business scenarios.

Tableau Pulse integrates data into the workflow, delivering information directly through platforms like Slack and Email. This ensures decision-makers receive reliable and contextually relevant data precisely when and where they need it, facilitating timely and data-driven decisions. Moreover, users can access this functionality from their mobile phones, further enhancing accessibility and flexibility.

Who can use Tableau Pulse?

Tableau Pulse is available to all current Tableau Cloud users and those who have signed up for a Tableau Cloud trial.

It will initially be inactive during the general availability (GA) of Tableau Pulse. However, site administrators can activate it by navigating to settings and enabling it. They can activate it for all users or selectively for specific user groups, as per their preference.

Additionally, a toggle for Tableau AI is set to off by default. When disabled, Tableau Pulse won’t utilize generative AI (GAI), resulting in the absence of Insight Summaries. Nonetheless, users will still have access to individual metric insights. All other Pulse features remain accessible even with Tableau AI turned off.

What are the main components of Tableau Pulse?

Metrics Layer – provides benefits and features that save analyst time and ensure reliable numbers for business decision-making

Insights Platform – offers benefits and features that allow users to explore data more deeply and receive answers using AI

Next-Gen Experiences – provides benefits and features that help users focus on essential aspects of data; users can access and interact with data without having to switch between different tools or interfaces

Ask us about Tableau Pulse

If you already have Tableau Cloud in your company or even Tableau Server, ask us about Tableau Pulse and the newest Tableau AI capabilities.  Tableau Pulse is included with all Tableau Cloud editions and Embedded Analytics solutions.

Traditionally, dashboards have grappled with low adoption rates among business users, with statistics indicating that only around 30% of the workforce typically engages with dashboards to address their common metric-related inquiries.

Tableau Pulse adopts a proactive ‘push’ model of analytics delivery. This approach allows business users to subscribe to the ‘single source of truth’ metrics relevant to their roles and interests.

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