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Tableau Cloud is the Tableau self-service analytics solution in the Cloud

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Tableau Cloud

Tableau Cloud is your Tableau Server analytics platform hosted in the Cloud. All data accessible from web or mobile applications. No need to setup hardware and software infrastructure. Can be activated in minutes.


Tableau Creator: $75 user/month | billed annually | minimum 1 Creator

Tableau Explorer: $42 user/month | billed annually

Tableau Viewer: $15 user/month | billed annually

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Tableau Cloud

With Tableau Online you can skip the hardware and software prerequisites setup and installation. Enable the Tableau Software web based interface with all the self-service analytics functions in minutes. Hosted by Tableau in a secured and dedicated environment for your organization.

Tableau Cloud


With Ask Data the business users can type directly the business questions in a human language format and Tableau NLP (Natural Language Processing) functionality will publish directly the appropriate graph answering the question.

web based software interface
discover data opportunity

Now you can capitalize on the visualization created by data analytics by publishing them to the server  the entire organization has access to them. Web-based users can collaborate, analyze the data or continue the self-service analytical process by editing the visualizations in a secured environment. Notifications and alarms can be setup.

Connect automatically to on premise or cloud databases (Amazon Redshift or Google Big Query), web aps (Google Analytics, Google Ads). Connections can be setup on live data connection or extracts that refreshes the data on a periodically basis.

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visual permissions editing

Raw level security is restricting the information only to the appropriate roles. Access can also be granted or restricted at site, project or visualization level.

All the data sources are accesible from the server. The data represhing process can be scheduled on a periodic basis.

server data source
salesforce tableau embed

Embedded analytics in any application. Make it your own best in class business intelligence module. No virtual private networks required.  Integrated authentication with seamless experience for end users.


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