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Tableau Desktop is the tool for a data analytical mind that wants to find business answers inside the data.

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Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is part of the Tableau Creator license and is a desktop installed product that allows you to connect to multiple data sources cloud or on premise (Microsoft Excel, .CSV files, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Vertica, mysql, PostgreSQL, Google Analytics and many others), create workbooks, dashboards and stories and publish them to Tableau Server or Tableau Online.


Tableau Desktop is part of the Tableau Creator license that includes 3 products: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder and one Creator license of Tableau Server or Tableau Online.
Tableau Creator is: $70 user/month, billed annually, minimum quantity 1 user.


Connect to multiple data sources

First, you can connect to multiple data sources on premise or in cloud, either files, spreadsheets, SQL databases, big data solutions or cloud apps such as Google Analytics or Google Ads. You can combine data from all these data sources into a single visualization through joins, unions or blends.

Tableau Desktop



Prepare data before analysis

The data can be filtered, cleaned and prepared before analysis. Tableau Desktop can connect directly to the data sources or can work in extract mode that load teh data into memory through Hyper technology. For advanced data preparation activities you may use Tableau Prep and Tableau Prep Conductor in order to automate complex data preparation flows.

Drag and drop dimensions and measures to create visualizations

Once the data is prepared for analysis you can drag and drop dimension and measures on the data canvas and Tableau Desktop will automatically shape it in the best graph for that combination of dimensions and measures. Moreover you can change the visualization selecting a graph from show me section or create new type of amazing visualizations where only your imagination is the limit.


Work with geo-spatial data

If you have Geo-spatial data, put it on a map. Tableau Desktop is automatically recognizing geo-spatial data such as countries, cities or GPS coordinate. If you have spatial files or custom geocode data, you can import it in Tableau Desktop and start your visual representation from there. Tableau supports choropleth maps, Proportional symbol maps, Point distribution maps, Flow maps, Origin-destination spider maps, Heat maps and more.

Create Dashboards based on interconnected visualizations

You can interconnect visualizations in a dashboard in order to guide the analytics paths of your end users. Tableau Desktop recognize automatically the data joins
from multiple woorksheets and interconnects all graphs in the view.


Use analytics on the spot

Use analytical functions such as trend lines, forecasts and clusters to discover the dark data. Tableau Desktop has build in ready to use analytical functions applicable directly to your data.

Create presentations using Stories

Replace the traditional static presentations with data stories connected directly to the live data and automatically refreshed from one meeting to another.


Publish the visualizations to Tableau Server or Tableau Online

Once the visualizations and data stories are ready, push them to Tableau Server or Tableau Online to in order to start the collaboration within the organization.

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