Salesforce CRM offers a complete and clear picture of customer behaviors, transforming the external interactions that take place with each product into sales and high profitability.


Salesforce Products

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud offers solutions for managing and strengthening relationships with existing customers and market opportunities, but also for increasing business productivity and optimizing sales processes. Sales Cloud is the solution you need for increasing sales, and customer loyalty and automating the process of collecting opportunities and transforming them into new customers.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud helps you understand exactly what your customers' expectations are in relation to your company's products or services and the impact of your messages, regardless of the platform on which they are delivered. With Marketing Cloud from Salesforce, you can manage your entire audience and build the online presence your company needs. Customize and develop your content with AI.

Service Cloud

Enjoy the most powerful and intelligent support platform in the world: Service Cloud. Give your agents and technicians the tools they need to increase their productivity and efficiency with the service activity. With Service Cloud, they can quickly connect with all your customer's support cases, have a holistic view of their interaction with your brand and increase the department's performance in solving cases opened by clients.

How Salesforce can help your company?

Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform in the world that helps companies increase number of customers, develop a strong commitment of employees and partners, and build a stable customer relationship with the company’s brand. Salesforce solutions are designed to provide the necessary tools to automate and digitize the processes carried out in order to attract new customers and to develop a pleasant experience for all parties involved in the sales / retention process.


Regardless the size of your company, Salesforce is the place where you will have access to all data about your organization and your customers through an efficient management of contacts and the messages delivered to them.

One Solution for any company

Small or medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations or large companies all benefit from Salesforce's advantages: identifying the right customers, converting opportunities, developing a strong relationship between company and customers, and centralizing all business information.

Salesforce - Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce offers you the smart assistant Einstein Analytics to help you identify the best solutions for your business: predictions about what might happen in the future based on your data, recommendations for different situations you face or forecast regarding results that your organization could have.

Salesforce Artificial Intelligence Einstein btProvider
Salesforce Trailhead btProvider

Salesforce - Trailhead

Salesforce offers tools needed to use a personalized e-Learning platform with its own courses according to the company’s specifics and needs. The Trailhead study platform offered by Salesforce is a self-service tool, with training sessions for employees, who follows their professional evolution.

Salesforce - Analytics (Tableau, Einstein Analytics)

Together with Tableau and Einstein Analytics you have real-time information on business opportunities, intuitive graphics and on-board analysis built with information from across the organization. Develop forecasts, identify trends in the business market and receive recommendations regarding the decisions you should make.

Global leader in the CRM solutions market

In 2020 Salesforce was declared by Gartner Inc. a leader in 3 categories from Magic Quadrants 2020: CRM Customer Engagement Center, Field Service Management and Sales Force Automation. Also, for the 12th consecutive year, Salesforce is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in CRM Customer Engagement Center category and for the 14th consecutive year a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation.

A leader in "The Forrester Wave" report

Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution was declared by Forrester Research in the recent report “The Forrester Wave” the leader of B2C platforms with the best overall strategy services, support, and platform functionalities. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is also the leader of B2B platforms with the most advanced functionalities in terms of commerce management and overall current offering. Salesforce was also named a leader by Forrester Research in Partner Relationship Management, Enterprise Marketing Software Suites, Data Management Platforms, SaaS Marketplaces, Low-Code Development Platforms for AD&D Professionals, Healthcare CRM Providers and Customer Analytics Technologies categories.

We are a Salesforce Partner in Romania

Regardless of the field of activity or the industry in which your company operates, Salesforce offers you the necessary solutions for transforming and automating your business: Banks, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods, Government, Health, Insurance, Production, Retail, Media, Non Profit , Tourism.

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