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Create a personalized experience for each client and turn your opportunities into existing clients. With Sales Cloud you build connections between all departments of your company in order to sell faster.

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Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is your trusted advisor in order to provide your customers with products and services they need. With Sales Cloud you can quickly identify the answer to all questions about how you can increase the productivity of your sales team and the number of converted opportunities.

Sales Cloud – Strategic Solution for your company

Sales Cloud places the user in the middle of the customer experience and helps him build personalized experiences for each opportunity. Sales Cloud reduce the manual processing of customer data and prioritize the actions applied to the sales processes depending on the stage of each opportunity. Sales Cloud helps companies surpass the goals set for sales growth and make the most of every opportunity encountered.

Contact Management

Contact Management provides a complete image of customers and centralized information about their activity in relation to your company's brand. The Sales Cloud user has access to the customer's contact details, conversations with him, internal discussions regarding the client's activity or his purchases. Contact Management also offers access to the reactions that clients have regarding the products of your company, on different online platforms.

Opportunity Managemen Salesforce Sales Cloud btProvider

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management represents the space where user can track the status of all open opportunities in your company. Sales Cloud allows user to view the entire process of converting a possible customer to an existing one. Salesforce segments the sales process into different stages that correspond to the processes carried out and established at company level. Depending on the customer specifics, the user can set prices, discounts, products or delivery times and can automatically generate offers or other types of documents required in the sales process.

Lead Management

Lead Management offers users the possibility to follow the channel that generated a certain opportunity and to access the necessary information about it in order to continue the strategy and the sales plan. In Sales Cloud users can set up scoring grids that have the role of maintaining and increasing the interest of possible clients for company’s products.

Reports and Dashboards Salesforce Sales Cloud btProvider

Reports and Dashboards

Sales Cloud solution generates various reports and analyzes regarding the sales situation, the costs generated for converting leads into opportunities or sales teams performance. The reports are built by each user and can be customized according to the interests he pursues.

Salesforce Mobile

Salesforce and Sales Cloud solutions allows access to all information and tasks on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Sales Cloud users have the ability to view their scheduled appointments, events, customer statuses or opportunities in a single application. Salesforce Mobile provides user mobility and allows them to manage all online business opportunities, no matter where they are.

Salesforce Sales Cloud email integration btProvider

Email Integration

Salesforce Service Cloud integrates with Outlook and Gmail platforms in order to centralize any type of interaction that your company has with its customers. By integrating your e-mail with Salesforce, all your messages are centralized in Salesforce CRM platform and can be accessed at any time to observe and analyze the discussions between company representatives and opportunities.

Sales forecasting

Sales forecasts help users understand and make real-time decisions about the sales process. The forecasts generated by Sales Cloud provide an overview of how sales targets can be achieved and the actions that need to be applied in order to increase sales company level. All the situations generated in Sales Cloud forecasts are based on data and information from your company, offering suggestions and solutions regarding the development of the entire sales process.

Workflow and Approvals

With Sales Cloud, the process of approving, generating and sending documents is automated. The user can create e-mail alerts for closed sales or for closing certain transactions with customers. Sales Cloud offers the possibility to create automated workflows with the role of guiding sales agents to follow the best practices in the sales process. Sales Cloud workflows have the role of automating manual tasks related to order confirmation, completing them and preparing offers.

Files Sync and Share

In Sales Cloud, the synchronization and distribution of documents is performed at the level of all parties involved in the sales process. Users can update and distribute documents to internal team, but also with company clients. It can set alerts to be notified when documents are updated or added to the Salesforce portal. The electronic library in Sales Cloud allows user to create and distribute contracts, presentations or offers with all parties involved.

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Automating the processes of your sales team helps increase the processing speed of sales opportunities.

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