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Salesforce CRM offers a complete and clear picture of customer behaviors, transforming the external interactions that take place with each product into sales and high profitability.

At btProvider

We help companies take the best decisions when it comes to optimizing their business processes. With an experience of +10 years in data analysis and software solution implementation for business management, we offer Romanian companies, but not only, the most efficient solutions to increase business performance.

Over the last few years, there has been a trend among companies to implement and use cloud software solutions to automate their processes. Companies understood that the latest technologies for business management have the role of helping them to reduce manual tasks performed by human resources and to provide an advantage over competitors. Finally, cloud business management software solutions help companies increase their profitability and digitalize their processes.

At btProvider we choose to offer our clients the best resources for managing their business. We believe that in any organization the client and his needs are a decisive factor in terms of how we present ourselves in the economic environment. That is why we believe that Salesforce CRM is the solution companies need to meet their customers' needs and provide them with personalized experiences.

btProvider is a Salesforce partner and offers implementation and consulting for Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud solutions. Salesforce is the number 1 solution in the world used by +150,000 companies to automate sales processes, increase number of customers, deliver 1-1 experiences for each opportunity and develop a strong customer relationship with the company's brand.

btProvider, with the help of Salesforce, offers companies new ways to organize and carry out their activities, using cloud delivered platforms. We believe that customer relationship management solutions must provide mobility for employees or organizations and correspond to the new technological era.

As a Salesforce partner, we have the mission to deliver customers consulting, implementation and support services for Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud solutions. We are also actively involved in organizing events, webinars, trainings or non-commercial activities.

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With Salesforce Solutions

You will get to know your customers better, interact with them and offer the products and services they need. Salesforce will help you increase the number of converted opportunities, automate sales processes carried out and reduce manual processing of data about your customers.

Salesforce Technology

Salesforce technology provides users the ability to operate from anywhere, online, without depending on a particular desktop, phone or tablet or to install an application. Salesforce is a cloud solution that collects, analyzes and provides information on business processes.

Why choose us?

Due to our experience in implementing business management and data analysis solutions, we quickly identify the requirements and needs of our clients. btProvider implementation consultants offer all the necessary solutions to meet companies’ objectives. Throughout our activity we have offered services and software implementation for organizations from various fields of activity: Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Food & Beverage, Pharma, Aviation, Online, Utilities, Government, Ports, Holdings, Gaming.

Solutions for any company

btProvider offers Salesforce solutions adapted to any company, large, medium or small. Regardless the company profile or the number of employees, Salesforce solutions are tailored to the needs of any customer. btProvider provides consulting and implementation services of Salesforce technologies in order to help companies quickly identify customers and to manage more easily the relationships with them.

We are a Salesforce Partner in Romania

Regardless of the field of activity or the industry in which your company operates, Salesforce offers you the necessary solutions for transforming and automating your business.

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