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Develop your marketing strategy and build the content that your customers need through 1-1 personalized experiences from Marketing Cloud.

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Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud helps you quickly identify and meet your target audience. Use artificial intelligence in order to build and deliver adaptable content for all online media channels according to your customer preferences. Communicate, transmit, and collect information about your business opportunities with the largest digital marketing platform in the world.

Why choose Marketing Cloud from Salesforce?

Whether we are talking about e-mail marketing, digital campaigns or multi-channel marketing, Marketing Cloud develops for each audience or group of customers a personalized journey to deliver the right content at the right time. All features available in Marketing Cloud customize and optimize the entire process of knowing your target audience and measure the results and performances of ongoing campaigns.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder helps marketing teams develop and build customized journeys with specific interactions for each audience. Marketing Cloud collects data about your audience from multiple online or offline sources and turns them into personalized experiences so you can target your audience according to their preferences. In Journey Builder users can set automated journeys in order to deliver certain types of messages at the right time, on different platforms, depending on the audience behavior.

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E-mail Studio

With E-mail Studio from Salesforce you will be able to build personalized emails according to your customer preferences and to reach them through the most original messages. Using the automations and artificial intelligence available in Marketing Cloud you will be able to segment, schedule and build the right messages. Your customers will receive exactly the content they need to purchase the necessary products.

Audience Studio

Considering all those who interact with your company’s brand you can automatically collect data about them from any platform and build your audience. With the help of artificial intelligence from Marketing Cloud you will be able to segment and define your target audience according to their preferences. Audience Studio provides a comprehensive picture of your audience’s behavior and helps you build the right content for them.

Mobile Studio

More than 50% of those who are looking for online shopping use a mobile phone. That is why it is important to be present where your potential customers are. Mobile Studio from Marketing Cloud helps you customize your messages delivered to your audience and adapt them to mobile devices. Build SMS or MMS messages, send alerts or discounts and collect data about your audience’s preferences or behaviors.

Social Studio

Social Media has quickly become one of the most important channels through which companies interact with their customers. Social Studio helps you interact and listen to what is being said online about your brand. With Marketing Cloud and Social Studio, you will be able to interact, listen and analyze what your audience has to say regarding your products or services. You will be able to collect relevant feedback and extract meaningful perspectives about your online campaigns and how they reach your customers.

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Having an online presence on several channels and using various tools to attract and retain customers, the marketing department will generate a large volume of data. Datorama is the smart Marketing Cloud platform you need to centralize, organize, and understand data. Datorama helps you track the results and evolution of your campaigns, the sales they have generated, or the costs involved in marketing activities. Analyze all data from different sources in a single platform in order to optimize internal costs and to better understand what works for your company.

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Automating marketing processes helps companies attract new customers, but also re-engage with lost opportunities.

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