Microfocus PPM

The innovative Microfocus PPM solution helps executives overcome all challenges by providing critical information in real-time to help PMO makes the right investment decisions by standardizing, managing, and capturing the execution of project and operational activities and resources.


Microfocus PPM Modules

Microfocus Portfolio Management

This module enables you to govern your portfolio of projects,
applications, and opportunities in real time with effective collaborative portfolio management

Microfocus Program Management

This Microfocus module enables you to manage your programs collaboratively - from concept to completion - with auditable governance processes.

Microfocus Project Management

This module helps you meet the challenges of managing projects
in large, geographically dispersed enterprise environments.

Microfocus Financial Management

This module provides a single, real-time view into all financial
attributes related to the programs, projects, and the overall corporate project portfolio.

Microfocus Resource Management

This Microfocus module provides comprehensive resource analysis, which includes both strategic and operational activities at any stage in the work life cycle.

Microfocus Time Management

The Time Management module helps you focus on value-added
activities by streamlining time collection and improving efficiency in resource allocation across the wide range of work performed by employees.

Can you meet your management challenges?

Given the daily challenges of PMO, it is difficult for executives to see which projects and operational activities they should be working on to find out how much is left in their budget, to what capacity are resources being utilized, and how to align activities with business demands.


Microfocus PPM comes bundled with good practices included in the product.

Microfocus Project and Portfolio Management Software

Apply best practice
to your PMO World

Microfocus PPM software helps you overcome these project management challenges. It provides your PMO and executives with visibility into strategic and operational demand, as well as the ongoing projects across your organization.


Find out here key functionalities of Microfocus PPM 9.50 from Hewlett Packard Enterprise that recently merged with Microfocus.


Download Data Sheets, White Papers, Reports.

Case Study - EN

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Case Study - Telecom

Case Study - EN

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Case Study - Government

Data Sheet - EN

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Data Sheet - Portfolio Management

Data Sheet - EN

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Data Sheet - Financial Management

Data Sheet - EN

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Data Sheet - Resource Management

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btProvider has an experience of 10+ years in the implementation and consultancy of Project and Portfolio Management across different industries and regions, such as Telecom, Banking, Food and Beverages, Government, Ports, Financial Institutions in Europe and Middle East. We deliver training classes with our own Microfocus Certified Instructors.

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