CRM – What is a Customer Relationship Management?

CRM is a software solution for managing customer relationships and interactions. CRM systems build an organized activity of the processes carried out in a company. They create efficient workflows to optimize and improve external or internal relationships and to increase business performance.

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What does a CRM system do?

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM allows users to manage all business information from sales, marketing, service, or ecommerce processes, in a single platform. Salesforce CRM organizes all business processes involved in increasing number of customers and building a lasting relationship with them. Using Salesforce, you will centralize all customer information, from contact details to preferences, behaviors, or communication channels. Salesforce CRM organizes all available information and data to provide an overview of company's activities.

Why we need a CRM?

Salesforce CRM collects and manages data generated in sales, marketing, or service actions. Salesforce CRM improves business processes by organizing information about customers or potential customers and provides users with access to all interactions that have taken place with them. Salesforce CRM helps organizations quickly identify sales opportunities, manage customer lifecycle, and increase employee productivity.


Regardless the size of your company, Salesforce is the place where you will have access to all data about your organization and your customers through an efficient management of contacts and the messages delivered to them.

New CRM technologies

Salesforce CRM is the most powerful tool for managing business information and for building automated workflows in customer interaction processes. Salesforce technology collects, correlates, and analyzes the processes carried out, offering recommendations and answers in key situations based on artificial intelligence. Salesforce CRM helps organizations improve their strategies, increase business performance, and identify opportunities.

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CRM for sales

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the #1 CRM platform for sales teams that centralizes all information about customers or potential customers and business opportunities. Sales Cloud helps users work quickly by tracking customer information in one place, identifying and building personalized sales workflows. Salesforce CRM helps sales teams track the pipeline generated by each interaction with a potential customer, manage daily tasks such as emails, meetings, or phone calls, and adjust sales processes based on the stage of each opportunity.
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CRM for Marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is used in marketing departments and is a CRM platform that collects, centralizes, and segments customer data based on their preferences. Marketing Cloud builds personalized interactions with customers based on their preferences and helps marketing teams deliver high-performance campaigns to specific audiences at the right time, on their preferred communication channel.
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CRM for Service

Service Cloud is the CRM platform used by customer support departments. It gives agents access to all interactions that have taken place with organization’s clients to understand and respond quickly to their requests. Service Cloud automatically allocates customer requests to the right agents and use artificial intelligence to offer recommendations and suggestions to answer their needs. Salesforce CRM allows you to establish and build work processes to increase employee efficiency and optimize response time to registered requests.
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CRM for eCommerce

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a CRM platform for retail and eCommerce, B2B or B2C companies. Commerce Cloud offers users a single platform through which organizations transform online shopping experience, improve sales strategy, and increase business profitability. With Commerce Cloud, users build customized web pages based on visitor preferences, build marketing campaigns that attract more customers and maximize customer conversion regardless of the communication channel with them.

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Regardless of the field of activity or the industry in which your company operates, Salesforce offers you the necessary solutions for transforming and automating your business: Banks, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods, Government, Health, Insurance, Production, Retail, Media, Non Profit , Tourism.

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