How to show and hide underlying data points of a selected mark


Today learn how to show and hide underlying data points of a selected mark. When creating dashboards in #Tableau it is helpful to view the underlying data to better understand its shape. You can use a set of actions to switch from showing and hiding the underlying data. Here is how you do it. First, open the Global Superstore offered by Tableau and let’s start:

Step 1: Connect to data

In Tableau Desktop, connect to Sample – Superstore data provided by Tableau.

Step 2: Create a graph

→Add Category field on columns and AVG(Sales) to rows. Change Mark type to a circle.

→Create a set based on the Category field:

→Right-click on Category field → Create → Set → Select one of the categories → Keep the name as Category Set

→Create a calculated field named ‘Category Set Sales’:

IF [Category Set] THEN [Sales] END

→Drag ‘Category Set Sales’ field in the view to create a dual-axis chart → Synchronize axis.

→Drag Order ID to Detail mark of Category Set Sales

→Choose desired colours for Measure Names in Category Set Sales

→Drag SUM(Sales) to Detail mark of Category Set Sales

→Create a reference band:

→From Analytics Pane → Drag Reference Band in the SUM(Category Set Sales) box → Per Cell → Band from SUM(Sales)-Minimum → Band to SUM(Sales)-Maximum → Label: None → Tooltip: None → Uncheck Show recalculated band for highlighted or selected data points

→Add Set Action to update selected Category:

From Worksheet → Actions → Add Action → Change Set Values → Name it Update Category Set → Run action on Select → Set: Category Set → Clearing the selection will: Remove all values from the set

→Create a calculated field named ‘Dehighlight’:


→Place ‘Dehighlight’ field to Detail mark of All card:

From Worksheet → Actions → Add Action → Highlight → Name it Remove Highlight → Run action on Select → Selected fields: Dehighlight

→Create a calculated field named ‘Random’ (Random function works only on datasets in Extract or Excel formats):


 Happy data analysis! Here is the video tutorial as well:

Click here to see the Viz on Tabeau Public

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