How to filter and highlight days with a Calendar View

Filtering and highlighting

The action of highlighting specific marks in Tableau allows you to pay more attention to these marks and dim the other aspects that are not so important to you. There are multiple ways of highlighting: manually, using a legend for similar marks, or an advanced highlighting action. 

In this blog article, we are learning how to filter and highlight days with the help of a Calendar View. A Calendar type of view is very useful and common in our day to day activities for booking events or meetings or tracking a client’s journey. Also, filtering is very useful for sending information between the worksheets. 

… and here are the written steps:

Step 1: Connect to data

In Tableau Desktop, connect to Superstore sample data provided by Tableau.

Step 2: Create the visualization

Create a Sales line chart by days in a specific month.

Create a bar chart: Sales by Subcategory.

Add these 2 charts to a dashboard.

Create a new worksheet named: Calendar

Add MY(Order Date) on filters and select one month.

Drag Order Date with Right-click on columns and select Weekday(Order Date).

Drag Order Date with Right-click on rows and select Week(Order Date).

Add Sum(Sales) on the colour mark.

Drag Order Date with Right-click on text mark and select Day(Order Date).

Change mark in square.

Add color borders, uncheck Show Header for Week(Order Date), make label font size 7.

Format Weekday(Order Date) Header with First Letter.

Add calendar view in dashboard, fit entire view, decrease height.

Add month as a filter in the dashboard, set as Single Value (dropdown), Uncheck Show “All” value, apply the filter to all worksheets on the dashboard.

Add dashboard Action – Filter, Source Sheets – Calendar, Target Sheets – bar chart.

Create a day highlight for the line chart.

Create an Order Date Set.

Create a calculated field named: Sales Points

IF [Order Date Set] then [Sales] END

Add Sales Points on synchronized Dual Axis, mark: circle

Add Change Set Values dashboard action, Source Sheets – Calendar, Target Set – Order Date Set. Add Order Date, continuous exact date, on Detail in Calendar worksheet.

From the Calendar worksheet, click on any day or multiple days and test it.

An article by Sergiu Rotaru – Data Analyst.

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