How to expand a Scatter Plot

How to expand a Scatter Plot

Today learn how to expand a scatter plot, the type of graphic that is used to observe the relationships between various numerical values. You can choose what mark type to use as a circle or square and add a measure on the column and one measure on rows. If you use dimensions and measures, keep in mind that Tableau puts the measures to the right of the dimensions.

A scatter plot uses dots to represent values for two different numeric variables, therefore in order to learn how to expand it, first open the Global Superstore offered by Tableau and let’s start:

Step 1: Connect to data

In Tableau Desktop, connect to Sample – Global Superstore data provided by Tableau.

Step 2: Create a state parameter

Create a parameter named “State Parameter:

→Data type: String

→Allowable values: select “List”

→Add values from select “State” field

 Create a calculated field named “Shape Change for State” :

→IF [State] = [State Parameter] THEN ‘Selected’

→ELSE ‘Not Selected’


 Create another calculated field named “ Shape Size for State”:

→IF [State] = [State Parameter] THEN 10



 Create a calculated field named “Shape Label for State” :

→IF [State] = [State Parameter] THEN [State]



 Create a calculated field for “Profit Ratio”:


 Add Sales on columns and Profit Ratio to rows.

Add State field to detail.

Drag “Shape Change for State” and to color and shape. Choose the desired shapes and colors for selected and not selected states.

Place “ Shape Size for State” to Size mark.

Drag “Shape Label for State” to label mark.

Step 3: Create a dashboard

Add the visualization to a dashboard.

Go to Dashboard -> Actions -> Add Action -> Change Parameter:

→Run action on: Hover

→Parameter: State Parameter

→Field: Select State

 Happy data analysis! Here is the video tutorial as well:

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