How to create a Pagination in Tableau


Tableau helps us visualize a wide range of graphs for our data, and today we will learn how to create a Pagination. A loaded view can lead to a hard-to-understand and tracked view, and sometimes it is difficult for us to filter the values ​​of a data source, because users want the option to choose for themselves which field and on which value to filter if necessary.

It is also difficult for them to follow a large set of values ​​simultaneously. Pagination in Tableau helps the end-user to see the values ​​presented in a chart much easier. Whenever there is a field in the data source with a long list of values, this list is difficult to follow when fully displayed in the view.

Pagination helps the user focus on a smaller set of values ​​in that field and gives them the ability to navigate the entire list. Moreover, it is a good way to save space in a dashboard that uses the graphic in question.

This implementation is possible in Tableau with the help of the parameters, the calculated fields as well as the Table Calculations provided by Tableau. All we have to do is combine these Tableau capabilities, and the pagination will be very easy to use and integrate into our views.

Let’s see how to create a pagination in Tableau:


… and here are the written steps:

Step 1: Connecting to data

In Tableau Desktop, connect to Superstore dataset from Tableau.

Step 2: Creating the visualization

Drag the City field to Rows.

Drag the Sales field to Columns.

Drag the Profit field over the visible axis of Sales.

Move Measure Names to Columns.

Create a parameter called Group Number. This parameter must be set to Date Type -> Integer and Allowable Values ​​-> Range -> Minimum: 1.

Create a parameter called Size of Group. Set Date Type -> Integer and Current Value

Create a calculated field called Index with the formula INDEX ().

Create a calculated field called Group Filter with the formula [Index] <= [Group Number] * [Group Size] AND [Index]> ([Group Number] * [Group Size]) – [Group Size].

Drag the Group filter to the filter shelf and keep only the True

Display the Group number and Size of Group

Drag Measure Values ​​also on Color in the Marks shelf. Right-click on Measure Values ​​and select “Use separate legends”.

An article by Mara Cislariu – Team Leader Analytics and Tableau Certificate Consultant. 

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