How to create a filter source sheet on action in Tableau

Filter Source Sheet

Filter actions send information between worksheets. Typically, a filter action sends information from a selected mark to another sheet showing related information. Behind the scenes, filter actions send data values from the relevant source fields as filters to the target sheet.

The first action will filter the customer sheet per Subcategory, measure selected and hide the customer sheet when nothing is selected. The second action will keep only the selected sub-category (filter source sheet) subcategories – subcategories (select and show all values).

We can use this method in order to save more space in our dashboard.

Step 1: Connect to data

→ In Tableau Desktop, connect to Global Superstore data provided by Tableau.

Step 2: Create graphs

→ Create a sheet with SUM(Sales) and SUM(Sales) on columns and Sub-Category on rows. Add each measure on each card on color and label.

→ Create a sheet with Measure Names on columns and Customer Name on rows. Bring the Measure Names on filter and keep only Profit and Sales. Add Measure Values on Label and Color. Choose from the Mark: Square.

→ Ensure that each worksheet is on ‘Fit Width’ mode.

Step 3: Add dashboard actions

→ Add the first filter action:

Dashboard actionsSource Sheets: Subcategory (Dashboard) → Run Action on Select → Target Sheets: Customer (Dashboard) → Clearing the selection will: Exclude all values

→ Add the second filter action:

Dashboard actionsSource Sheets: Subcategory (Dashboard) → Run Action on: Select → Target Sheets: Subcategory (Sheet) → Clearing the selection will: Show all values.

Watch the video tutorial here:

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