How to add a Filter reset button in Tableau – Skill Pill Video

Filter Reset Button in Tableau - btProvider

As data enthusiasts our goal is to help any user, regardless of their experience working with data, to easily understand and navigate the valuable information that data hides. You have certainly noticed that every analysis or dashboard we discuss in this blog section has the role of improving the end user experience and providing more interactivity. Today we will show you how to add a filter reset button in a dashboard, in Tableau.

Complex analyses require a significant volume of information and data that must be explored and visualized. There are often situations in which dashboards include different filters so that end users can select and view exactly the information they need. But as the complexity of the data and filters applied to a graph becomes larger, canceling them and returning to the initial analysis can be slightly complicated. Although it seems a minor issue, without the necessary functionalities, the data analysis and visualization tools do not offer this possibility to delete the filters applied with a single click.

How to use a filter reset button in Tableau?

btProvider is the only Tableau Premier Partner and the most important Tableau partner in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria. In our activity we offer consulting and implementation services to our clients from different sectors of activity. Thus, we deal daily with analyses from the easiest to the most complex and with large volumes of data that must be analysed in a dashboard as easy as possible for end users. I noticed that every person who works with data wants to have access to certain information, which they can model based on the new insights they want to extract. Thus, filters are one of the fastest ways to fragment certain data segments and to display in an analysis only what interests us.

But many times, in the end, it can become complicated to cancel the actions of the filters in the dashboard and return to the initial analysis. Thus, Tableau provides us with a filter reset button. Obviously, this is just another very useful capability of Tableau products that gives more control to end-users over how they want to explore the data and view the insights that interest them.

Watch the video below and see how you can add a filter reset button to you dashboard, in Tableau:


Step 1: Connect to data

→ In Tableau Desktop, connect to Superstore sample data provided by Tableau.

Step 2: Create the visualization

→ Create a calculated field named Reset Filters with the formula ‘Reset Filters’.

→ Add Reset Filters to Text.

→ Change the view from Standard to Fit Width.

→ Format the font and backgroundul using colors.

→ Add the new sheet to the dashboard and hide the Title.

Add a new action selecting the following:
Source sheets -> Reset Button Sheet
Run action on -> Select
Target Sheets -> All the sheets that should be reseted
Clearing the selection will -> Show all values
Target Filters -> Selected Fields
Add Filter – any value that needs to be reseted

→ Click OK