About the event

Why Tableau Desktop Basic Training?

This course is designed to help you understand and create simple to complex data visualizations with Tableau Software and combine them in nice interactive dashboards and stories.

The last part of the training is dedicated to Tableau Server and helps you publish your workbooks and dashboard to the server with proper security and settings.


Who can participate?

This training is designed for anyone working with data, regardless of the technical or analytical background: Business Users, Data Analysts, Data Warehouse Engineers, Data Engineers


Duration: 3 days via virtual conferencing, 8 hours per day including breaks.



• Training class with desks and computers (laptops or workstations) with Operating System - Windows 10 or later, OSX 10.10 or later
• Tableau Desktop and access to Tableau Server for each individual user in the class



Day 1:

• Connecting to data - Connection Types, Managing Metadata, Extract vs Live, Data Model (relationships), Q&A

• Visual Analytics (1) - Tableau Desktop Interface, Tableau Concepts, Creating Graphs and Sorting, Column Formatting, Filters, Hierarchies, Groups, Sets and Bins, Formatting, Q&A & Exercise

Day 2:

• Visual Analytics (2) - Analytics Pane, Viz in Tooltip

• Calculated Fields - Date, Logic, Number, String Calculations, Aggregate Calculations, Table Calculations, Working with Parameters, Q&A & Exercises

Day 3: 

• Dashboards, Stories, Actions - Dashboard Elements, Building Dashboards and Device Preview, Dashboard best-practices, Creating a Story, Tableau Actions, Q&A

• Tableau Server - Publish to Tableau Server, Collaborate with Tableau Server, Ask Data, Q&A & Exercises



  1. Day 1: Connecting to data & Visual Analytics (1)

  2. Day 2: Visual Analytics (2) & Calculated Fields

  3. Day 3: Dashboards, Stories, Actions & Tableau Server

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