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About the event

#Data is our Superpower, is it yours too?

After a long break, it’s time to meet again at the Cinema. Let’s discover together hot data topics, the latest data trends, Tableau’s powerful analytics, and LIVE visualisations!

Amazing speakers and data leaders from Romania’s greatest companies will be present to share their success stories.

Meet your data tribe, feel connected, and stay true to your vibe! See you on May 25, at Cineplexx Baneasa!


  1. Welcome & Intro

    • Alexandru Savencu

      Alexandru Savencu

  2. What is Tableau, and how can it help? Visual Analytics session

    • Mara Cîșlariu

      Mara Cislariu

    • Alex Stăncescu

      Alexandru Stancescu

  3. Data Analytics in the Fresh Startup Approach

    • Marius Costin

      Marius Costin eMAG

  4. Let's have a break! Networking session

  5. Evolving the Data Strategy of the Data Driven eCommerce Leader

    • Laurențiu Matei

      Laurentiu Matei - eMAG

  6. In the Name of Science Ask Questions!

    • Mara Cîșlariu

      Mara Cislariu

    • Alex Stăncescu

      Alexandru Stancescu

  7. RomanianDATA Tribe. Join the community of data enthusiasts

    • Sergiu Rotaru

      Sergiu Rotaru

    • Claudiu Ionuț Anghelescu

  8. Let's have a break! Networking session

  9. Superbet: A Super Journey in the Data Universe

    • Andrei Popa

    • Anna Rossudowska

  10. How Impetum navigates in the MultiVerse of Financial Data

    • Marius Răducanu


  11. LIVE panel. Let's talk about our passion for #DATA!

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May 25 2022, 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM ● Bucharest - Cineplexx Baneasa, Hall 11 & Epika Lounge

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