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Business digital transformation is a differentiating factor in terms of adapting to new changes and gaining competitive advantages. Even though in recent years there has been a discussion about a rethinking of business models and the adoption of digital technologies, this year many organizations were forced to make the transition to a digital model to continue their economic activity.

Presence of organizations' activity on digital channels is a necessity, and the adoption of a new way of working, digitized, and innovative, ensures performance and business growth. Although many companies have started or are in a process of digital transformation, many of them have failed to adopt a model that meets customer needs and builds a connection between the company's brand and those who interact with it.

In this webinar we aim to discuss new ways to improve the customer experience with our organization, to form a connection based on personalized experiences and tailored to each consumer and about the adoption of digital technologies and strategies, which place the customer experience at their center.

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  1. Introduction

  2. Salesforce Romania Team

  3. Customer Digital Touchpoints

  4. Demo Marketing Cloud

  5. Demo Service Cloud

  6. Tableau Data Analytics

  7. Q & A

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