About the event

The relevance of DATA Culture for business in a challenging economy

Why do so many organizations around the world use Tableau? 😊


📊 Tableau transforms how people use data to solve problems, driving better business outcomes and intelligent customer experiences. Real-time data and actionable insights can bring you closer to your customers than ever.


👉 Join us for a relaxed Data Talk around breakfast, where together with Tudor Trof, Alex Savencu, Mara Cîșlariu and Alex Stăncescu will debate Data Trends, how can Tableau really help your business in the actual uncertain economic environment, and ways to enable Data Culture in your company.


☕ See you at Sensio Living, starting at 9 AM! Don’t forget to take your smile and a good mood.


  1. Welcoming our participants.

    • Alexandru Savencu

  2. Data Trends with btProvider.

    • Alexandru Savencu

  3. Data Innovation for Modern BI with Tableau.

    • Tudor Trof

  4. Enabling Data Culture with Mara Cîșlariu.

    • Mara Cîșlariu

      Mara Cislariu

  5. Breakout session. Data Culture in Real Life with Alex Stăncescu.

    • Alexandru Stăncescu

      Alex Stăncescu

  6. Networking & Lunch.

Meet the Speakers

May 16 2023, 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM ● Sensio Living, Bucharest

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