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New year, new resolutions, right? First, we want to wish you a Happy New Year, full of beautiful moments and new goals achieved. We hope that this year will continue your journey to become a data-driven company and offer you new perspectives supported by accurate data. In the following we will discuss another method to improve our analyzes in Tableau Desktop and to build them in a way that is as interactive as possible for the end user. We will discuss how we can add dynamic titles to a dashboard to provide clarity in the data.

We all know that dashboards and in general the analyzes performed in Tableau can be extremely interactive and can display information or data that is not found by default in our data set. For this, we use filters, calculated fields and different parameters so that the extracted information provides the answers we are looking for. But how many times have you faced the situation in which, having an extended dashboard, you can no longer easily see the applied filters? This situation also applies to complex analyzes for which the end user may not remember the filters that were selected to get to the desired data. In these kinds of circumstances, Tableau provides us with the opportunity to add dynamic titles. How can we do this? Let’s see!

Dynamic titles in Tableau Desktop – How do we add them?

Dynamic titles in Tableau are a useful way to display in any analysis or dashboard what information we are currently viewing. Dynamic titles also have the role of providing clarity in our views and helping us to segment information visually. Basically, what dynamic titles do is customize what the end user sees. Thus, it will always know what information is displayed and what filters are applied.

The dynamics of a dashboard is also given by the applied filters, by the parameters used and by the possibility to modify the entire content of the analysis depending on what we want to visualize. Dynamic titles in Tableau are a useful and fast way to convey to the user what information they are currently viewing and to finally express the displayed content.

In Tableau there are several ways to add dynamic titles, and below you will find two of them that we consider the fastest to use. The first method refers to the application of a worksheet containing the titles of the information to be displayed in the dashboard. The second way to add dynamic titles is to use a parameter, which will determine the title text and change it depending on what the user wants to display.

In order to create Dynamic Title in Tableau, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect to data

→ In Tableau Desktop, connect to Superstore sample data provided by Tableau.

Step 2: Create the visualization

→ Create a new sheet named Main View. Drag Sales on Columns and Segment on Rows.

→ Create another sheet and drag the Segment on Text and on Filters Area. Right click on Segment from Filters and select Show Filter. Click on Title Area and modify the text in: Selected Segments:

→ Create a dashboard and drag here both sheets.

→ Right click on Segment Filter and select it to apply on the Main View Sheet too.

→ Now, when you select a Segment from the Filter it will modify both sheets.

→ Another way to create a Dynamic Title in Tableau is using parameters.

→ Create a parameter named Segment Parameter. From the Data Type select String, and from the Allowable Values List. Go to Add values from -> Segment.

→ Create a calculated field names Sales by Segment with the formula:
if [Segment]=[Segment Parameter] then [Sales] END

→ Drag the field Sales by Segment on Columns and the field Customer Name on Rows.

→ Go to Parameters Area and right click on Segment Parameter -> Show Parameter.

→ Click on Title Area and change the text into: Customers Sales on [Segment Parameter] Segment.

By Adelina Popescu