Diverging bar chart and dual axis

Diverging bar chart with one measure and dual axis

A diverging bar chart in Tableau is an efficient method for comparing two categories based on a single measure, clearly highlighting the differences. These charts are particularly useful when we want to emphasize discrepancies between two sets of data or subcategories. 

When there is only one dimension to measure, an independent diverging bar chart can highlight differences between directions.

Moreover, they facilitate a direct comparison between two groups or categories, clearly emphasizing the differences in values. 

Using a dual-axis can provide additional information or highlight other aspects of the data, such as specific values or other relevant metrics. 

Diverging bar charts can be customized according to individual preferences, thus facilitating analysis and the process of making informed decisions.


Step 1: Connect to data

→    In Tableau Desktop, connect to Sample – Global Superstore data provided by Tableau.  

Step 2: Create the necessary calculations 

→    Create a calculated field called “Index 1” 

IF INDEX()=1 THEN SUM([Sales]) ELSE -SUM([Sales]) END 

→    Create a calculated field called “Index 2” 

               IF INDEX()=1 THEN SUM([Sales]) ELSE -SUM([Sales]) END 

Step 3: Build the visualization

→    Drag “Index 1” to Columns 

→    Drag “Index 2” to Columns 

→    Drag “Region” to filters and keep only 2 values 

→    Drag “Region” to color on All Marks 

→    Drag “Sum(Sales)”  to Index 1 Mark 

→    Right Click on both Index 1 and 2 and Select compute using –  Region 

→    Right Click on the Index select Dual Axis and synchronize the axis

→ Right-click on both axes and select “None” for both Tick Marks


Here is the dashboard in Tableau Public:


Watch the video tutorial here:

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