DataFest 2022

DataFest 2022

On July 6, 2022, we organized a new btProvider & Tableau event called DataFest 2022, where we met data leaders from companies that are our clients. The purpose of the event was to share novelties from the world of #data, and to find practical data analytics solutions for diverse challenges. We chose a relaxed, private location called SkyBar Dorobanți.

Unlike Tableau Cinema 2022 which was a large event dedicated to everyone who wanted to learn more about Tableau Software and explore Data Analytics, DataFest was more of a private gathering where we continued the conversation we started on May 25 at the cinema.

Before going into details about Who and What was discussed, we must mention that we, at btProvider, love to interact with anyone who is passionate about #DATA and we always do it with pleasure and in less official or rigid settings.

We are like the data, in a continuous change and adaptation, and these principles define us and the way we approach our daily work, the events we organise, the relationships we have with our customers and especially the relationships we have with our internal teams: with flexibility, openness, passion and relaxation.

That is why we chose for DataFest a relaxed environment because we know that good implementation and business ideas come when we are open to innovation and creativity. So what did we talk about?

We invited:

Cristian Popa, CRM Manager @OTP Bank Romania

Cristian Popa

Tudor Trof, Enterprise Account Executive @Tableau Software

Tudor Trof

Mouhcine Zekkri, Managing Director @Finlence


The hosts of the event were Alexandru Savencu, Managing Partner @btProvider and Mara Cîșlariu, Team Leader Analytics.

DataFest 2022

DataFest Mara Cislariu

Here are some of the key ideas discussed at DataFest 2022:

→ a data-driven company focuses its activity on setting digitization objectives, taking into account the needs and expectations of stakeholders, on education, training, collaboration and cooperation between the teams involved in the process

→ now is the ideal time to digitally transform companies, as over 80% of CEOs want their organization to be more data-centric and data-smart

→ over 80% of data science projects do not make it to production

→ only 30% of company employees are comfortable with using KPIs and other metrics in the organization

→ only 30% of them act in their day-to-day work based on data

→ the necessary steps for the digital transformation of a company are: building data infrastructure, encouraging teams to access and analyze data, focusing on data when decisions are made within the organization

→ the art of using data is to transform insights obtained from analysis into concrete actions

Having said that, we thank everyone who participated in the event, both the guests and our speakers. It’s a pleasure to be able to meet at physical events. See you next time!