Data&AI: Unveiling Tableau’s Magic 2023

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On October 18 we hosted a new event btProvider & Tableau, titled “Data & AI: Unveiling Tableau’s Magic”.

The event was exclusively designed for people passionate about the world of data. As the name suggests, we talked about the innovative tools and features introduced by Tableau in 2023 and provided a sneak peek into their upcoming releases.

The presentations at the event revolved around two important themes: Data Culture and Data Literacy. We focused on how Artificial Intelligence can simplify organizational processes and make them more efficient.

The event was a great opportunity for everyone to learn about the latest trends and advancements in the field of data and AI (Artificial Intelligence).


Where and how did the magic of the event unfold?

The event was held at Point, a cultural space where guests could immerse themselves in the world of btProvider. The stairs guided them through the company’s universe from the ground floor to the conference venue.

The magic began in Point’s fascinating amphitheater, where engaging discussions took place around data.

Guests were welcomed with delicious coffee and invited to participate in interactive games themed around “Decoding Analytics,” where they directed the tricks in the room. Those who deciphered the mysteries in the “Data Rooms Escape” challenge received prizes.

The btProvider team’s motto is #Data is our Superpower! We aim to convey passion for data, professionalism, and flexibility through our events.

Our team is guided by the magic of data and its analysis, which prompts us to be in a constant state of change and adaptation. We have a curiosity for new functionalities that define us in both our daily work and our relationships with clients.

The October 18 event was no exception. The initiative engaged guests: “In the name of science, ask questions”. This sparked interest, curiosity, and openness regarding the evolution of technology and its integration into the business environment.

The key themes of the Data & AI event were:

AI – Artificial Intelligence:

→  AI was at the epicenter of the event

→  Tableau introduced real-time innovations in line with technological advancements

→  In 2023, Tableau emerged as the world’s #1 platform for data analysis, making artificial intelligence and analytics accessible to everyone. This ensures that individuals, organizations, and teams can make data-driven decisions

→  AI stands as a fundamental innovation for Tableau, further aiding in uncovering the “WHY” behind our data

→  The ability to transform repetitive, manual work into automated processes facilitates both data understanding and in-depth analysis, making everything more streamlined

Tableau Innovations:

 Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse is an AI-powered tool that will be launched soon. It will help users interact with their data in a more human-like way by providing automated analysis in plain language. It will also anticipate the questions users might ask next. This would make all teams within an organization more data-driven.

 Tableau Einstein Discovery

Tableau Einstein Discovery is a pilot project that will be launched in the spring of 2024. It would be a personalized, transparent, trustworthy, and intelligent experience. This tool can identify and communicate insights and “hidden drivers.” It would bring speed, quality, and productivity to data analysis.

Tableau Einstein Discovery would act as a Trust Layer that enables administrators to provide trustworthy, ethical, and open AI experiences without compromising data security and confidentiality.

Data Culture and Data Literacy

→  When it comes to Data Culture and Data Literacy, every company is essentially a data company, it stores immense amounts of data. To truly harness the power of data, an organization’s mindset should be oriented toward data

→  If teams are “data literate,” they can benefit from the magic that comes with understanding data in their daily work

→  For a company to become data-orientated, it requires an investment of time, resources, and trust. However, adopting a data-driven approach can positively change the trajectory and future of the entire organization

Currently, we are the only premier Tableau Partner in Romania, and our mission is to provide companies with the most advanced solutions and technologies.

This enables them to transition from traditional manual work models to an automated and digitized way of working, thereby fostering a healthy data culture.

Renato Gavrilă (Tableau Community Leader @eMAG), one of our distinguished guests at the event, mentioned a quote in his presentation that inspired us all: “Data is the new Oil!” – Clive Humby.

How to Escape from a Virtual “Data Room”:

Our guests took center stage as the main actors

The btProvider Analytics team designed a game, a virtual escape room, which can also be found on Tableau Public

Participants navigated from one room to another using data, understanding, and applying it in different contexts. This highlighted that regardless of one’s background, data can be made accessible to everyone and used in the most innovative ways

These were just a few of the topics covered during the event, but the truly magical moments unfolded during the networking sessions. Here, both the guests and organizers had the opportunity to create connections, share personal experiences, and discover the current challenges in the data field.

Data&AI btProvider

All of these were made possible thanks to our speakers, to whom we extend our gratitude for their presence:

Alexandru Savencu – Managing Partner @btProvider

Tudor Trof – Tableau Strategic Account Executive @Salesforce

Renato Gavrilă – Tableau Community Leader @eMAG

Mara Cîșlariu – Team Leader Analytics @btProvider

Alexandru Stăncescu – Head of Analytics @btProvider


Don’t forget! Data is your superpower!

So, if you also believe in the power of data, we look forward to welcoming you to our upcoming events.