Create collapsible filters in your Tableau Dashboard


Have you ever wondered how to obtain a clearer dashboard, when working with a lot of data, graphs and visualisations? A method would be to create collapsible filters in your Tableau dashboard. This way you will free irrelevant space and move filters somewhere else. Collapsible Filters are useful when dealing with limited space for your dashboards, such as mobile devices and blogs.

You can have the filters at your disposal when needed, using a hide/show functionality or floating objects. As usual, our Data Specialists have prepared a #skillpill video to show you how to create these collapsible filters. For this Tableau viz, Ana-Maria Scarlat used the Global Superstore database working on a USA study case that contains a lot of information about profitability. To give more space to the dashboard, she chose to move the filters to the right. Learn more about how!

If you want to collapse the filters on your own projects, here are all the steps you must take.

Step 1: Connect to data

In Tableau Desktop, connect to Sample – Superstore data provided by Tableau.

Step 2: Create the visualization

Add a Vertical floating container.

Drag the filters/legends into the container.

Click More Options -> Add Show/Hide button

Happy data analysis!

Here is the Viz on Tableau Public>

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