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Tableau Software offers a wide variety of data analysis types that we can use in many situations. Although many of the analyzes that can be built with Tableau provide context for several types of data, there are certain analyzes that we can consider ideal to highlight the information we need. A suitable example is the one provided by Bullet graph which we will discuss in the lines below.

When we want to find out what is the sales value to a certain date and how they are in relation to our expectations, we will always keep in mind a certain target. Also, in any analysis of a company’s performance, it is preferable to consider the results of a similar period, such as previous year or month.

What is a bullet graph?

A Bullet graph consists of a set of bar graphs, to which is added a vertical line that represents our set objectives. Also, in an analysis in which the bullet graph is used, shading can be added to represent the value of the analyzed measures from a past period.

Bullet graph is a type of chart suitable for sales analysis, profit, or other measures. It is often used when we want to visualize measures value related to our goals, targets, or a past period. At the same time, the additional thresholds that can be added help end users to easily visualize where they are and the distance they still have to the set goal.

Another specific feature of this chart is that it provides detailed information, without the need to build a dashboard. Therefore, Bullet graph is one of the most appreciated graphs when we talk about analysis or visualizations that occupy a limited space, but which provide enough information to extract the data we need.

To build a Bullet graph, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Connect to data

→ In Tableau Desktop, connect to World Indicators sample data source provided by Tableau

Step 2: Create the visualization

→ Select Tourism Inbound and Tourism Outbound using the Ctrl key

→ Click pe Show Me

→ Select Bullet Graph

→ Add Region into rows for a lowel level of detail

→ Click on Sort Descending

→ If you want to modify the default percentage steps of 60%, 80%, you will click on one of the 2 lines coresponding to them, then click Edit, then from Value you could modify the 2 values with the ones that you need or add any others you like

→ In order to change the color of the percentage steps, in the same menu you will click Fill and select the color pallete that you like

By Andrei Stan

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