Behind the scenes of filming the Case Study with OTP Bank Romania

This is a “behind the scenes” article about how OTP Bank Romania implemented Tableau Software in their entire organization – a success story for both sides: OTP Bank Romania, as well as for btProvider. Back in April this year, our team of Data Specialists took the initiative to share with the world the successful ongoing collaboration with OTP Bank Romania, one of our current customers.

OTP Bank Romania started the process of digital transformation in 2018, and the main purpose was to improve the customer experience, to become more efficient internally and to increase their customer – employees interaction.

During the pandemic, OTP Bank Romania took several measures to improve their activity, as:

opening new branches

helping the hospitality industry through grants

POS actualizations

banking services digitalization

A top-notch technology that gave full speed to OTP’s digital transformation was the implementation of Tableau Software – the world’s leading self-service visual analytics platform. In the beginning, Tableau may look like a challenge to understand and implement, but after several demo sessions with our specialists, any customer we have today is confident to truly use Tableau as a data visualisation tool to leverage the big amount of data in the company.

Tableau helps people see and understand data, as it transforms the way people are using data to solve problems and make decisions every single day. With Tableau, any business team can use visual analytics to ask additional questions and fully explore the data, instead of merely crunching the numbers.

The same happened to OTP Bank Romania. They discovered the wonders that data visualisation can make to generate new revenue, to understand the data and to lead the business having the data as a right hand in the decision-making process.

Read the whitepaper about the challenges and solutions before and after implementing Tableau in OTP Bank Romania. 

… and we wanted to tell the story of how we implemented Tableau for OTP Bank Romania in a whitepaper (you can access it in the link above), and in a full video story.

What it was like to film the customer success story? 

Challenging… 🙂 6 people from OTP Bank Romania and 2 people from btProvider participated in the filming. Also, behind the scenes, we had the marketing specialists from both companies and the filming crew. We gathered in one glorious morning at the OTP Bank headquarters in Bucharest to give life to our initiative.

Here is Alex Savencu, CEO at bt Provider:

Here is Alex Stăncescu – Delivery Manager @btProvider:

Here is Iulia Pardău, our Marketing Manager and Anca Dobreanu from OTP Bank Romania.

Here is the filming crew – Blue Film Production.

What was the btProvider’s role in this story?

We are the only Premier Reseller Partner for Tableau Software in Romania, and this means that when a company is interested in Tableau software implementation, may contact us to find more information, to buy the licenses and to benefit from our various services as:




outsourcing services

non-commercial activities such as public events, specific webinars and webinars dedicated to the latest versions of Tableau highlighting what’s new and main features, user groups, Tableau Days, public training.

We hold all possible certifications for Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Prep and Tableau Data Management, as well as partner-only certifications such as Certified Associate Consultant and Certified Associate Architect. Therefore, Romanian companies can develop Tableau Software in their organizations with the help of a dedicated team of data specialists, who will not only implement but also support the deployment, learning processes and the evolution of understanding and leveraging data in the mid-long term.

The project with OTP Bank Romania is a delight for the btProvider specialists to implement and maintain. The OTP team members were so open to suggestions and ideas, always eager to learn new things and bring innovation to their daily work and activities. Data visualisation empowered them to make faster decisions, to navigate through data with ease, observe and analyse the stories that data tells with curiosity.

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Excel is great up to the point when a more advanced, intuitive, and disruptive platform is needed. This is where Tableau brings its magic, with self-service business intelligence insights, smart data prep, integrated analytics platform and extremely powerful outcomes. Our team is very happy and proud for having the opportunity to level up such a powerful business as OTP Bank Romania with leading-edge technology and innovation.

Many thanks to all the amazing people involved in the project:

Constantin Mareș – Executive Director IT, PMO & Transformation Office

Anca Elena Dobreanu – Business Performance Analytics and Reporting Manager

Cristian-Valentin Popa – CRM Manager

Alin Gorban – BI Developer

Bogdan Chiriac – Portfolio Manager

Petruța-Mihaela Zidaru – Credit Risk Department Coordinator

Andreea Cristea – Public Relationship Specialist

Blue Film Production

For more details about our activity and Tableau, don’t hesitate to contact us.