Alternative to Marimekko Chart


A Marimekko Chart is a special type of diagram that uses columns and bars to represent the percentage distribution of data in different categories. The columns have widths proportional to the percentages of each category, while the bars have heights proportional to the total percentage of the entire data set. Also known as a variable width bar chart, is useful for comparing both high-level data and low-level data in the same chart. However, since we have size variables for both the width of the bars AND the height of the bars, comparing different segments of the chart is more challenging than it needs to be. In this example, we will show you how to make an alternative to a traditional Marimekko Chart, and how to compare both category sales and region sales within each. 

STEP 1: In Tableau Desktop, connect to Sample.

Superstore data provided by Tableau

STEP 2: Bring Category and Region on the column.

Bring Sales on Rows

STEP 3: Sort it descending.

STEP 4: Create a calculated field:

{Fixed Category: Sum(Sales)} 

Drag the calculated field on the right of the chart to create a dual-axis 

STEP 5: Synchronize axis. 

STEP 6: Bring Sales to the front.

STEP 7: Change the mark type for all – from Automatic to Bar. 

STEP 8: For the second axis, make the size of the bar as much as big as it can be.

STEP 9: Right-click anywhere on the sheet.

Format – From Column Divider 

Choose the bigger size and choose the white color

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The dashboard in Tableau Public:


Watch the video tutorial here:


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