Software Solutions for CRM, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Data integration

Products, implementation and integration services, training, know-how embedded in one single solution.

Business Intelligence

We setup end-to-end BI solutions starting with data collection from (using Talend), to storing the data in a historical reporting data warehouse (using Vertica - Big Data) to visualizing and discovering the data (using Tableau Software - bi and data analytics).

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Data Visualization& Analytics

btProvider enables companies to transition to a data-driven culture of decision making. To that end, our company offers data discovery, data mining methods to understand raw data, descriptive and predictive analytics, to better understand future behavior.

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Big Data

We enable companies to unlock their dark data. High Velocity, Volume and Variety. Most of the organizations spent the last 20 years in implementing systems that collects tones of data. It's time to capitalize on it. Use Verticafor data warehouses and big data.

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Our customers


Data Analytics, BI, Big Data, CRM, Data Integration

tableau software online analytics
Tableau Software
Tableau Software helps the world’s organizations unleash the power of their most valuable assets: their data and their people.
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Vertica data warehouses management
Three Vs of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, Variety.
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Data acquisition and transformation
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About btProvider

Experienced Team of Consultants

A business
Consultancy Company

At btProvider we offer companies consultancy and implementation services for the following business areas: Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Warehouse and Customer Relationship Management. Our activity started in 2012, based in Bucharest and we operate in Romania with project based activities in Europe, USA and Middle East.

We are currently the only Tableau Premier Partner in Romania, and along the way, we have become a Salesforce, Vertica, and Talend Partner. Our motto is "In the name of science, ask questions", and our mission is to offer companies the most advanced solutions in the digitalization process, to become data-driven companies. We believe that today, more than ever, companies need high-performance products and software solutions to help them make the transition from a classic model to a controlled, automated, and digitized way of working.

Every day we offer our clients products and services for Data Analytics (Tableau, Vertica and Talend) and CRM (Salesforce) products and implementation services in order to build a healthy data culture and to automate and digitize the processes carried out. We support our clients with technical activities in the implementation processes but also consulting in terms of organization, efficient use of the implemented solutions and development of business information workflows.

The Company is certified ISO 27001: 2013
Certificate Registration No: TAR 103 18 021

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Business Technology Provider is a Romanian business intelligence and data analytics software reseller company with headquarters in Bucharest, registered with the Registrar of Companies of Bucharest under no. J40/11671/10.10.2012, tax registration number 30771295.

Bucharest, District 1, Montreal Square 10, 011469, World Trade Center,
East Wing, 2nd floor, 2.02-2.03