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Why only few Organizations succeed in PPM?

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It’s a fact that only some of the enterprise organizations are succeeding in implementing PPM. Moreover, only few out the ones that are succeeding manage to evolve and reach an elevated level of maturity in terms of implementing a PPM solution and automating the Project Management Processes. So why do we have these pessimistic statistics if usually enterprise organizations have all resources that such a project would need? In our opinion, there are a few critical factors that any organization starting to use a PPM system for the first time should keep in mind.

1. Simplicity. Try to keep the initial implementation as simple as possible and try to build the high-level ultimate picture first.

2. Experience. Try to work with a team of consultants with at least 5+ years of continuous experience that learned already from the fails of other organizations.

3. Keep Focus. Try to always keep the high-level picture in mind and do not waste time initially in too many details. It will drain your energy with things that will not count too much later on.

4. Executive Ownership. Try to keep executive ownership from one end to another. Avoid addressing requirements just because it’s “stakeholders’ requirements”; most of them they might not have the full picture and will focus the energy of the project in their own yard in a clear disadvantage for the entire organization.

5. Adoption. Try to have an adoption plan even after deployment to production phase. It might take even one year. You should keep in mind that at the end of the day a PPM system is a nice to have and users will always find reasons for “not to dos” rather to “to dos”, especially when their mistakes are exposed in the system.


Article by: Liviu Carcia

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